2007 KME Predator Engine: E4017
2007 KME - Click to Enlarge

1979/1990 Mack CF-600 Pumper: E4013
In January of 1999 the Department starting looking into a piece to replace the 1970 CF-600 Mack Pumper. In June of 1999 the Department purchased a 1979 CF-600 Mack 1000 G.P.M. Pumper from the Eastern Salisbury Fire Department for the price of $32,000. This piece of equipment was totally refurbished in 1990. Today this piece serves as the attack pumper. Equipment including: 2000' of 5" LDH, 725' of 2" attack line, 1000' of 3" supply line, Scott Air-Pak Fifty self-contained breathing apparatus, the ECHO Quick Vent Saw, High powered gas PPV fan, various forcible entry tools, 20 Gal. foam and a full complement of nozzles. After the '79 Mack was placed in service we "retired" the 1970 Mack, and its unit #4015, after 29 years of active service.
'79/90 Mack - Click to Enlarge

1981 Mack/Baker Aerialscope: T4024
In March of 2012, the company purchased a 1981 Mack/Baker 75' aerial scope for $35,000.00. This truck originally saw duty as Tower 216 of the Bellefont, PA Fire Dept. Undine Fire Company No 2. It replaced our 1982 Mack/Baker Aerialscope. Yes a year older but still an upgrade. This new tower had a lot of work done to it by Undine FC. including replacement of the rear with all aluminum from the cab back giving us a lot more cabinet space for equipment, upgraded diesel engine with turbo, addition of second axel and a ton of hydraulic and bucket work. She still needed some work on the cab to fix some cancer and prep for our Coaldale colors paint job. We spent hours planning what we wanted on this new tower and planning the paint job to match Engine 4017 as close as we could. After a total of approximately 3000 man hours of refurbishing the truck by the members of the company, the department had its new Tower in service June of 2012. Today, the tower carries Scott Air-Pak Fifty self-contained breathing apparatus, forcible entry tools, hi-powered exhaust fans, quick vent saws, 235 feet of ground ladders, on-board cascade system, and on-board generator for lighting.
'82 Tower - Click to Enlarge

Brush Truck: B4041
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1987 Chevrolet Crew Cab Utility Truck: U4077
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First Fire Truck
In 1908, the Town Council bought its newly organized Fire Company its first fire truck, a Howe motor driven pumper and chemical engine for $5,000.00. It was one of the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and the first in Schuylkill County. After being in use for six years, it was discarded for it proved to be unsatisfactory.

Horse Drawn Engine
After discarding the motor driven engine, a horse-driven fire engine was purchased by Town Council. Two horses were purchased by the Fire Department. John (Buster) Hoben was the first driver of this team of horses. All equipment of the Howe engine was transferred to the horse drawn engine with the exception of the pump.

1916 Hahn Combination Engine
In 1916, the firemen purchased a motor driven combination pumper and chemical engine from the Hahn Motor Company of Hamburg. Motor driven fire apparatus was still an experiment in 1916 and the Hahn purchased at this time was proved to be unsatisfactory. The 1916 Hahn served its purpose until 1923.

1923 REO Chemical Engine
In 1923 REO chemical engine was purchased through Michael Domin. The firemen realized the necessity of a pumper that would give them enough pressure to fight any fire that might break out in the community.

1928 Seagraves
In 1928 the firemen purchased a new Seagraves at a cost of $12,500.00. It was equipped with a centrifugal pump which has the capacity of 1000 gallons per minute. This truck served the Fire Company until 1990.
'28 Seagraves - Click to enlarge

1941 Hahn Pumper
In 1941 the firemen purchased a Hahn pumper with a 1000 gallon per minute pump and a full complement of wooden ground ladders ranging from 12 to 50 feet. For a period of twenty-three years, the 1928 Seagraves and the 1941 Hahn served as the community's source of fire protection.

1960 Equipment Carrier
In May of 1964, the firemen saw the need of a small truck to carry the protective and fire-fighting equipment owned by the Fire Department. The company then purchased a 1960 Chevrolet walk-in van for $1,595.00. The truck carried the boots, coats, helmets, smoke masks, and brush fire equipment owned by the company.

1970 Mack CF-600 Pumper
In August of 1965, the members of the company decided to look in to the purchase of a new pumper to replace the Hahn which was starting to have major mechanical problems. A five-year dream was finally realized in September of 1970 when a new Mack CF-600 1000 gallon per minute quad pumper was delivered to Coaldale for a price of $32,500.00.
'70 Mack - Click to Enlarge

1972 GMC Rescue
After the purchase of the Mack, the firemen worked to build up the treasury and in October of 1972 took delivery of a 1972 GMC Equipment carrier for the price of $9,000.00. This truck was equipped with a power supply for emergency lighting system, search and rescue equipment, and self-contained breathing apparatus.
'72 Rescue - Click to Enlarge

1979 GMC/Darley Pumper
In 1979, a new GMC/Darley 1000 GPM pumper was purchased from W.S. Darley and Co. Melrose Park Illinois for the price of $45,000.00.

1988 KME Pumper

In the Spring of 1987, the company looked into a bigger pumper to replace the Darley. The company entered into a contract with KME Fire Apparatus of Nesquehoning, PA and in November of 1988 a new KME Renegade 1500 gallon per minute pumper was delivered to Coaldale for the price of $145,000. The KME served as the second due Engine/Rescue and it carried 9 aluminum ladders ranging from 10 feet to 45 feet, a 1500 gallon per minute pump, 30 gallon foam tank, 1400 feet of 5 inch hose, 700 feet of 2 inch hose, 600 feet 3 inch hose, Scott Air-Pak 50 self-contained breathing apparatus, exhaust fans, a variety of vehicle extrication tools including the Amkus rescue system, a variety of forcible entry tools, an on-board power supply for lighting, our rope rescue equipment and an on-board cascade system.
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1970 Wildland Services Brush Truck
In the winter of 1998, the dept. acquired a 1970 Kaiser/Jeep 6X6 1200 gallon tanker from the State Dept. of Forestry. Once again the members were back at work, taking an old piece of apparatus, and turning it into a useful tool again. The tanker required paint, body work, and engine work. It served as a brush truck and a tanker truck as needed. The truck and dept. are in a cooperative mutual aid effort with the Dept. of Forestry and Water, which allows the truck to assist the Forestry Dept. in the event of a major brush fire.
'70 Brush - Click to Enlarge

1987 Dodge 4X4 Utility Unit
In December 2004 Fire Police member Russ Woodward donated his 1987 Dodge 4X4 Pick-Up truck to the Department. This was used as a Utility unit. Brush Fires, Search and Rescue, Trees Down, Off road Firefighter Transport, Hose Hauling and other Special Details are a few things this unit was doing.

1982 Mack/Baker Aerialscope: T4024
In the spring of 1996, the company started to look in to purchasing an aerial device. In September of 1996, the company purchased a 1982 Mack/Baker 75' aerial scope for $35,500.00. This truck originally saw duty as Ladder 84 of the FDNY. After a total of 8000 man hours of refurbishing the truck by the members of the company, the department had its first aerial truck in the company's history placed in service in August of 1997. The tower carried Scott Air-Pak Fifty self-contained breathing apparatus, forcible entry tools, hi-powered exhaust fans, quick vent saws, 235 feet of ground ladders, on-board cascade system, and on-board generator for lighting. After the Tower was placed in full service the Department "retired" the 1972 G.M.C. Equipment Carrier with 25 years of service. She was retired and sold in April of 2012 after 16 years of faithful service.
'82 Tower - Click to Enlarge

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